What are the side effects of taking Finasteride?

Planning the treatment of the androgenic alopecia or benign prostatic hyperplasia, it is necessary to estimate a factor of the safety of the drug therapy. As Finasteride 5mg is used for the treatment of these pathologies, it is necessary to estimate the drug with regard to:

  • Tolerance;
  • Short-term side effects;
  • Long-term side effects.

According to the doctor’s estimations, a tolerance of Finasteride is high and is kept at the level of 97-98%. Just 2-3% of men have some symptoms of the hypersensitivity to this drug and relevant side effects. These are an allergic reaction: itching on the skin, rash, and redness.

The side effects of Finasteride are predictable and are not dangerous. As this ingredient regulates the hormonal balance of men, the fails of the endocrine function are not observed even during the prolonged use of the pills. The level of the androgens is reduced temporarily, and the rates of the male sexual hormones are restored after the end of the therapy. A reverse effect of the changed androgenic hormones is positively estimated by doctors because Finasteride does not have prolonged side effects.

The use of Finasteride does not cause the atrophy of testicles, does not cause an erectile dysfunction, and does not bother the testosterone production.

As to the short-term side effects, Finasteride has it, but they are not very intensive as it may seem at first sight. Due to the temporal change of the androgenic hormone level, men may experience negative side effects:

  • Pain and itching in the breast;
  • Gynecomastia;
  • Temporal reduction of the seminal fluid during the ejaculation;
  • Poor sexual drive.  

It is necessary to state that about 90% of side effects are related to the sexual function but not all of them are reversible. Moreover, there is a positive effect: the increase of the LH and FSH level.

The short-term side effects may be episodic, or may be kept within a long period. They are usually started in 4 weeks from the moment of the started treatment. In order to neutralize discomfort because of the side effects, it is possible to start the symptomatic treatment after the doctor’s consultation.

Finasteride and Women

Unlike men, women are more sensitive to Finasteride, and they have long-term side effects. Even a low dose of Finasteride may affect the hormone balance of a woman, and this way the reproductive dysfunction may occur. Even if a woman does not notice side effects, she may have problems with becoming pregnant in some period.

So, women are not recommended to take Finasteride. Moreover, this drug will not help them because it acts only on the male pathologies and may cause serious disorders in the female body.

This article was written by Vetta Thompson, the founder of The Center, who is one of only 9 internationally certified trichologists in the entire United States, certified specialists in the field of trichology.
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