How do you stop your hair from falling out?

According to the data of The ClevelandClinic, every second man at the age of over 40 notices an intensive hair loss.But do not fall into panic. The excessive hair loss is not always alopecia.There are many factors due to which a man may have the intensive hair loss,without having the baldness. These factors include:

  • Severe stress;
  • Unhealthy diet;
  • Low level of testosterone;
  • Natural aging of the body;
  • Lack of the blood circulation in the hair follicles due to the poor physical activity;
  • Lesion of the head skin.

Men often notice the intensive hair loss during a change of the climate. This is a seasonal hair loss which happens in winter or between spring and summer. It is enough to improve the hair care during this period in order to minimize the aggressive action of the weather to your hair follicles.

If the hair loss bothers you, there are several proved recipes how to stop the hair loss and make them beautiful and thicker.

  • Balanced diet

It begins from what we eat. The pathological changes begin in the hair follicles because of the deficit of protein, vitamins and minerals. A lack of vitamin A causes dryness of the skin, disorder of the oil glands. Due to this, hair gets oily faster and loses its shape, and the excessive sebum prevents the work of the hair follicles.

Vitamins from the group B improve the blood circulation in the hair roots, so that they become stronger, the hair growth and the look is improved. Vitamin C enhances the walls of the blood vessels of the skin of the head, protects the hair against falling out. Vitamin E maintains the health of the head skin, feeds the hair roots. Food contains a full vitamin mineral complex. It is enough to eat healthy. You will see how the whole body will work differently after having a normal diet.

  • Physical activity and lifestyle

Stop sitting at the computer or at the wheel day after day. The physical activity improves the blood circulation and favors a better nutrition of the hair roots with the blood and oxygen. The nutritious ingredients you receive with food should be supplied to the hair roots, and it is impossible without a good blood circulation.

You should walk more often, saturate the blood with the oxygen and enhance the blood vessels with the help of the cardiovascular trainings. The better the blood circulation is in the skin cells, the less the hair falls out.

  • Hair and skin of the head care 

Many men neglect the rules of the skin of the head and hair care. They think that moisturizing masks, mousse, professional shampoos and hair conditioner are meant only for girls. It is a great misbelief.

The matter is that the skin of the head, as well the skin of the hands, and face may dry. Due to the overcooling, bad environment, or sudden change of the climate, the skin may experience dryness, so that the hair follicles will suffer. Dandruff, seborrhea, itching of the skin of the head are the symptoms telling that your skin is lack of moisture. The hair becomes dry, fragile, and dull during the deficit of the moisturizing.

According to the experts, the third phase of the hair growth called as catagen is explained by the disorder of the nutrition of the hair follicles and dryness of the skin of the head. The hair falls out but it will grow again after the recovery of the hair root nutrition.

The moisturizing masks for hair will stimulate the nutrition of the head skin. They saturate the skin with the vitamins. The professional line for the hair care even contains ingredients that improve the blood circulation in the hair roots. It gives a great impetus to increase the volume of the hair, reduce the dandruff and the hair loss. The effect from the use of the products for the hair care and head skin is noticed at once.

  • Medications    

Let’s be honest, falling back upon the helpof the medications is reasonable only if all previous recommendations wereineffective, and baldness appeared because of the severe hair loss. In thiscase, a cause of the hair loss is inside the body. In 96% of cases, it isrelated to the reduction of the testosterone level and the increase of thedihydrotestosterone level. But even in this case, it is possible to stop thehair loss. Propecia & Proscar are two drugs that have been approved by theFDA to restore the natural hair growth. They contain the same active ingredientFinasteride, and so they have the same action. 

Proscar may contain a higher dose and is prescribed for the alopecia in a man accompanied by the benign prostatic hyperplasia. But it is recommended to start from Propecia. It does not normally have side effects, and according to the statistics, it helps more than 80% of men to stop the hair loss.  

The advantage of these medications is a use at any age, and the hair loss is stopped by means of the influence on the main cause of the alopecia. In any case, even if a man does not have the baldness, the use of one of these medications will help to improve the hair follicles and stop the hair loss regardless of a cause.

  • Stress and anxiety control  

Many men cannot stop the hair loss even during the intensive use of the medications and cosmetic products. The main reason is stress, depression, or anxiety. You can restore the level of the hormones and moisturize the skin but the hair will still fall out because of the severe stress. Why does it happen? 

Stress and other psychoemotional disorders influence on the nervous system, and so there is a risk to change the cycle of the hair growth. Moreover, the bigger part of the hair quickly gains its development peak and goes into the resting stage. Due to this, a severe hair loss is possible.

Therefore, doctors recommend to learn how to control the stress and anxiety in order to keep the health of the central nervous system and a normal cycle of the hair growth. In this case, you do not even have to spend big money on medications and cosmetic products.

This article was written by Vetta Thompson, the founder of The Center, who is one of only 9 internationally certified trichologists in the entire United States, certified specialists in the field of trichology.
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