How to Choose Shampoo for the Hair Growth?

Health and appearance of hair is the result not only of heredity, but also of your own efforts. And often the condition of the hair leaves much to be desired – dull, brittle hair, prone to loss and not at all inclined to growth. Renewal and cell division slows down when there is a lack of vitamins throughout the body, that is, your neglect of carrots and apples deprives you not only of good vision, but also of the density of the hair. If You want to speed up hair growth a few times, then I advise you to try Proscar.

Negative environmental factors also contribute to hair loss. Of course, it is not necessary to panic in cases when the daily loss of hair does not exceed 50 hairs per day, but it is worth thinking about how to maintain your hair with the achievements of modern cosmetology and pharmaceuticals. Proper hair care is not only protecting it from destructive factors, but also providing additional protection, for example, in the form of shampoo for hair growth and strengthening roots and structure.

How Can Shampoos for Hair Growth Help?

The secret of the formula of such shampoos is in a balanced composition that provides the hair with a whole range of nutrients, which primarily affect the stimulation of hair growth and the strengthening of their roots. A remarkable feature of such shampoos – the ability to use both to stimulate hair growth, and to protect hair from falling out.

Such shampoos include:

  • natural ingredients vitamins collagen, keratin, sulfur, beta-carotene, amino acids, vitamins A, B, E, F and H.
  • Folic, nicotinic, para-aminobenzoic acids;
  • oils of tea tree oil, poppy oil, grapefruit oil or royal lotus oil.

The principle of the action of shampoos for hair growth is to improve the nutrition of hair follicles, to stimulate the growth of new hair and to prevent loss of hair due to the pathological fragility of the adult rods. Active ingredients of shampoo can help to increase blood circulation in the scalp, containing vitamins and special compounds that restore the structure of the hair. To date, many components of both natural and synthetic origin have proven effective in combating hair loss – therefore, the composition of shampoos can be very different.

Things to Keep in Mind Choosing the Good Shampoo for Hair Growth:

  • It is necessary to buy shampoo for hair growth only in pharmacies, beauty salons or directly from the distributor. In all other cases, you risk to get a fake, which, at best, just does not worsen the already existing condition of the hair.
  • A quality shampoo for accelerating hair growth will never be a “2-in-1” remedy, because professional hair care is a phased implementation of cleaning, nutrition, and moisturizing procedures.
  • Effective professional shampoo will always be one of the means of the whole series, designed specifically for hair care with identified impairments. In this series, to work on restoring and strengthening the structure of the hair will not only shampoo, but also a balm rinse, masks, as well as other line products.
  • Therapeutic shampoo for hair growth cannot be universal, it must suit your hair type: fat, combined, dry, normal, colored, curly hair.
  • Professional shampoos should have clear instructions for use. Quite often specialized products are not intended for daily use, since they have a serious effect on the condition of the hair, so be sure to check the availability of such information.
  • The most important rule: get pharmacy shampoos against hair loss and to accelerate hair growth only after consulting with a trichologist and / or a dermatologist who can objectively assess the condition of your hair and recommend adequate treatment with one or another set of products.

Top-5 Best Shampoos for Hair Growth

  • VICHY DERCOS: Professional cosmetics for hair from VICHY is the guarantee of effective struggle against fragility and loss of curls. A series of DERCOS shampoos is recommended for use as a means for active growth of curls. All products of this line contain ceramides, which prevent aging of hair. The aminexyl molecule prevents the hardening of collagen, which can squeeze the hair bulb and thereby deprive it of the ability to receive nutrients, which inevitably leads to loss. Another active substance in the composition of balsam – ceramides – is widely known for its ability to restore the structure of the hair itself.
  • Schwarzkopf Activating Shampoo and Hair Activator Shampoo: The company Schwarzkopf is a real giant in the market for hair care products. Now Schwarzkopf produces two shampoos for hair growth – Activating Shampoo and Hair Activator Shampoo. Each of these remedies excellently cares for the hair, ensuring rapid growth, recovery of volume and strength. The effectiveness of the products of this line was tested by a German research center with the involvement of voluntary participants. After 12 weeks after use, the manufacturer guarantees a tangible effect, an increase in the phase of hair growth and the preservation of hair density.
  • Kerastase: According to hairdressers of the most famous salons, shampoo-bath from hair loss Kerastase Bain Prevention Specifique is,perhaps, the most effective professional shampoo. It is based on a unique composition, saturated with vitamins and minerals, thanks to which the hair bulb is well strengthened. Shampoo moisturizes and restores the keratin structure of the hair, which allows it to be more powerful. Active components of shampoo give hair and scalp a refreshing effect, a sense of comfort and cleanliness.
  • Forticea Rene Furterer: Forticea shampoo is based on essential oils and plant peptides: it nourishes the scalp, improves blood circulation, thereby strengthening the hair follicle. Essential oils, which are part of the composition, have antibacterial action, and also activate microcirculation in cells. Lavender, verbena and rosemary in the shampoo make the scalp healthier, maintaining its natural balance and protecting the hydrolyside film. A gel-like neutral detergent base is specially designed for easy massage while washing your head.
  • Marine Grace, Molto Bene: The Japanese cosmetics for hair MoltoBene is loved by many celebrities for the exceptional quality and innovative technologies that allow combining science and nature. It provides delicate care for normal hair and hair that is prone to fat. It includes sea clay, extracts of rosemary and seaweed, squalane, menthol, alginic acid. Being enriched with vitamins E, A, B5, it nourishes the scalp and hair, stimulates blood circulation, restores skin cells and hair structure. Stimulates hair growth and prevents its loss.
This article was written by Vetta Thompson, the founder of The Center, who is one of only 9 internationally certified trichologists in the entire United States, certified specialists in the field of trichology.
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