Cayenne pepper for hair growth: why this oil is effective in treating balding & hair loss

Periodic baldness is not permanent. Everybody is at risk. It is usually caused by nutritional negligence, hormonal turbulence during pregnancy, illnesses accompanied by a high fever, drugs used to cure severe conditions (such as cancer), and stress.

The reason you could lose hair is due to a prolonged ailment, genetics, or poor diet. Again, if you’ve been on chemotherapy medication, you may lose a good amount of your hair strands. But again, there’s no cause of alarm as all your hair fall or thinning can be cured. This type of alopecia is usually fully reversible. Various mechanisms responsible for hair loss do not lead to permanent damage or impairment of hair follicles. The follicles keep their ability to produce hair and this production is resumed when the impairing factors are removed. After recovering from an illness, stabilizing hormonal levels, ceasing the treatment with the use of drugs causing hair loss, and finally after setting yourself free from stress – hair grows again. You can help by taking proper care of your hair and skin on the head and by providing hair follicles with nutrients in your daily diet or in a form of dietary supplements (pills) that strengthen hair from the inside.

Why Cayenne pepper oil is good for your hair

Pepper oil for hair growth will ensure that your hair is strong, shiny, glossy, and bouncy. It’s a holistic solution for both men and women suffering from hair thinning and falling. And regardless of the extent to which your hair falls, you may use this special oil to reverse the condition.

You see, the reason why it’s good for your hair is that it has several elements in it — which your hair love. The main effect of pepper oil is to stimulate hair growth by heating and irritated hair follicles. But this is not all the benefits of this oil for your hair. It’s rich in proteins, vitamin A, С, and minerals. It’s also considered an anti-fungicidal and anti-bacteria.

The relationship between hair growth and good circulation

There is strong scientific evidence to suggest that good circulation is crucial for the development of healthy hair. This means you need sufficient blood circulation in your scalp to promote this good hair growth.

Good circulation means your hair follicles will be well-nourished, thus your hair will grow strong and resilient. Consequently, they will not break even if subjected to elements that cause hair breakage.

Combating scalp infections

You may be losing your hair due to a scalp infection. So the best way to treat this condition is to apply cayenne pepper oil because it has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that fight infection. These are also referred to as pathogens or micro-organisms that attack the scalp or the skin to cause hair loss.

This is common with people who have bald patches on their hair and is one of the leading cause for hair loss.

Reduction of split ends

Conditioning treatments are often created to reduce slip ends, thus reducing the chances of hair breakage or falling. Luckily, pepper oil has ingredients such as vitamin E, proteins, and other nutrients that penetrate deep into the scalp, thus smoothing out rough cuticles to make hair retain moisture.

Tips for using hot pepper oil on your hair

And when you go to the stores to buy pepper oil for hair growth, it is important that you buy unrefined oil as opposed to refined oil since this type of oil will preserve more nutrients and healing properties.

Chili pepper oil is good for scalp massage and hot oil treatment. It simply promotes healthy hair growth — with strands being softer and easily manageable.

Pepper oil is recommended to heat in the palms or in a water bath before applying to the hair roots.

Apply oil only to hair roots.

After application, the hair should be wrapped in a film or you can cover your hair with something like a plastic shower cap so that the oil does not cool.

Don’t use too much of it though, unless you want to spend a lot of time washing it away. Wash it away in 15 to 20 minutes’ time. Then rinse with your favorite shampoo and water.

Some people use this oil in conjunction with a little bit of grape-seed oil, almond, or rosemary applying it. The purpose of doing this is to lighten its consistency, thus washing it away becomes easier.

Things to note

Pepper oil also has acids, which is good for the purposes of restoring the normal PH of the scalp. Dandruff and scalp acne will develop due to problems with imbalanced PH on the scalp. But now you can fight dandruff directly by applying this oil onto your hair. The result will be amazing — you end up with longer, shinier, thicker, and healthier hair.

Are you seeing what you’ve been missing out on? The problem is that most people don’t realize the fact that there are natural solutions, meant to reverse their hair loss problems without using chemicals. So, if you believe in natural treatment for hair loss, cayenne pepper oil for hair growth might be your safest bet. Moreover, high-quality cayenne pepper oil can be bought at a pharmacy without a prescription.

This article was written by Vetta Thompson, the founder of The Center, who is one of only 9 internationally certified trichologists in the entire United States, certified specialists in the field of trichology.
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